Strengthen Your DSA Skills

These are the set of 450 questions picked from Geeks For Geeks and leetcode.They cover the entire spectrum of the DSA.Use this sheet even to revise your DSA.

1st March

Coding Interview Preparation

This is a set of 180 questions to prep you for coding interviews exclusively.Make sure you solve this only after you are done with all the 450 DSA questions.

1st March

Quantitative Reasoning and Aptitude

Quantitative Reasoning and Aptitude are now an integral part of any competetive exams.So a good grip over this concepts is a must.This sections provides the resources topic wise.

1st March

Verbal and Logical Reasoning

This section contains curated list of resources on cracking the verbal and logical reasoning.

1st March

Programming MCQ'S

This section contains set of frequently asked Programming questions (JAVA,C) in the placment drives.

1st March


Solving Puzzles always help you in thinking out of box,which is one of the most important skill you must have.This sections contains many interesting puzzles.